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Dial through Access Numbers are used by thousands of people every day to make convenient and low cost International calls to hundreds of countries.Make calls abroad with our access number service.

Call from any UK landline to hundreds destinations in Europe, Africa, Asia, the Far East and The Americas from just 1p per minute!

Access Numbers - Benefits

  • » No Registration required
  • » No Credit Card needed
  • » No additional bills to pay
  • » Quick and stable connections
  • » Excellent line Quality
  • » Fantastic low rates 24 hrs/7 days

Start saving right now!

How to use access numbers

international call access number rates

Select Destination

Choose the destination that you would like to call from our rate tool to find out your call will cost.

dial access number

Dial the access number

Our low call rate service allows you to call internationally from the UK at a fraction of the usual call charges. To use the service, Dial our access number. e.g. For India, 0844 862 0000 and then ...

dial international access number

Enter International number

Enter the international phone number you want to call (including 00 and the country idd code e.g. 91) and then press hash (#) on the keypad of your phone.

That is it! We connect you straight away.

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dial international access number

Talk to your contact

Once you have dialed the access number, followed by the international number we will connect you. All you pay for is the cost of the access number.

Its that easy! International calls at less than the price of a UK national call.

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Access Numbers » Terms of Use

You will need to ask the bill payer's permission before you use the service. Calls will be charged by the minute, charges inclusive of VAT & start from the moment of connection. There is a charge even if the destination number is busy or the call is not answered. So Please hang up if the calls are engaged or unanswered. BT call setup fee applies. Cost of calls from non BT operators & mobiles may vary. Check with your phone provider. Cheap Call Service provided by: Story Telecom Ltd. Helpline 02084979210.

How you pay for your calls

When you call via our access numbers, you simply pay for calling the access number and not for the international leg of the call. Therefore it is your service provider that will charge you - not us.

So if you make a call of say 5 minutes to a USA phone (land or mobile) from your BT landline phone, when your BT bill lands on your mat, you will observe a call to our 0844 access number, a call duration of 5 minutes and a charge of 18.1p (5p + 13.1p - BT standard connection fee from BT Landlines). There will not be any additional charges by us.

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